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Sure, things may seem to have gotten quiet on the Vin Diesel front, but that doesn't mean Hollywood's Biggest Action Hero Bargain hasn't been keeping busy. He's currently shooting The Fast and the Fourious, the third sequel to the street-racing-movie franchise to which he once swore he'd never return. (His legendary kiss-off speech, climaxing with, "Pimp my balls! The only movie I'm interesting in making stars an army of elephants and costs eleventy billion dollars!" is required reading for USC's From A to Z-List: A Survey of Movie Star Hubris class.) Even more exciting? People reports Diesel is a new dad:

Vin Diesel and his girlfriend, model Paloma Jimenez, have quietly become parents of a baby girl, his rep tells PEOPLE.

Diesel, 40, and Jimenez welcomed their first child on April 2.

They say fatherhood can soften even the stoniest of men—and yet as anyone who's ever seen Diesel work a movie premiere already knows, the actor's gruff exterior is just window dressing for the incorrigible goofball lying within. Yes, his equally bald baby daughter is just about the luckiest kid in Hollywood right now, with round-the-clock access to her father's dazzling array of rubberized silly-faces, and regular visits from her celebrity god-duck, Uncle Quackers.