The birth of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's twins is, for celebrity tabloid editors and producers, like a presidential election night, the Superbowl and a moon landing all rolled into one, and the incredible pressure is destroying them one at a time. Bonnie Fuller was an early victim, losing all grip on reality at the end of March, when the magazine she then ran, Star, described a New Orleans wedding between the power couple that never took place. Then, earlier this month, Entertainment Tonight reported that Jolie had given birth to the twins in France, a story that was swiftly denied by reps for the couple and that is raising questions about the show's standards (apparently it was like the New Yorker of celebrity journalism). Now, Fuller's replacement at Star is also messing up the Brangelina story, cropping a month-old photo to make it look like Jolie "collapsed" in the south of France:

By the time the Jolie/Pitt babies actually do come out, it will take several days' worth of false reports of conjoinment, miscarriage, deformities, gender surprises, name changes and physical abductions before anyone knows any of the actual (and crucial!) details about the twins. Which, come to think of it, sounds a lot like election night TV news coverage, except with higher ratings. Can't wait!

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