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Widgetmaker Slide hired AOL's former director of national sales, Jason Bitensky, and opened a New York office in the West Village, Kara Swisher reports. Slide CEO and founder Max Levchin says his company followed the bright lights to the big city because

the success of campaigns on our popular products, such as SuperPoke!, Top Friends and FunWall, has attracted the attention of not only top brands, but also top talent like Jason.

If only attention were as good as cash. Then Slide might be more than the online version of the musicians in every corner of New York's subway system — amusing, nice to have around while waiting for a train or a page to load, but hardly worth $550 million. U.S. marketers spent a paltry $600 million on social media advertising in 2007 — the same amount Procter & Gamble will spend over two months on its entire marketing budget and a tiny fraction of the $18 billion spent on interactive advertising last year. Somehow, we don't think a bunch more SuperPoke inventory flooding the market is going to fix the problem.(Photo by bk . ninja)