Joshua David Stein is back briefly to talk about Bravo's Top Chef whose penultimate episode aired last night. There's really little left to say. Lisa, spawn of the devil, whose unpleasantness is only matched by her durability outlasted Antonia, a chef who was nice and talented in last night's episode. My blood boils. My boils are bloody. And yet, fuck you Lisa. Richard is the real winner. Photographic proof after the jump.

On May 29th, Richard and his wife Jazmin Zepeda welcomed into the world, Riley Maddox Blais. She weighed 7.9 pounds and was 21" long (long? how do you describe things that can't stand up?) These photographs were taken by Whitney and Jesse. It should be noted that on the same day Blais became a father, Lisa probably cut in front of an old woman at a supermarket, opened the Emergency Exit gate in the subway setting off a horrendously annoying alarm though she could have just as easily have gone through the turnstile, stole moleskin from a Mom & Pop drugstore, slashed the tires of an ambulance, hacked her way into an ex-girlfriend's email, and tapped aggressively on the glass window of a pet store, scaring the adorable puppies therein to the point of catatonia.