In case you hadn't heard, momager extraordinaire Dina Lohan's new reality show was sadly slammed in the ratings by Sheen Sperm-aversive blabbermouth Denise Richards in the ratings. But before weeping for the runner-up, don't forget: Dina still officially wears the crown of Mother of the Year! They gave her a trophy and everything! Yes, "they" are a group of cleavage-baring Long Island moms with fake tans and nails as long as their list of ex-husbands, but a title is a title. Which is why Defamer Video Vixen Molly McAleer has put together a rather inspiring series of moments from last night's second episode, in which we learn three very important lessons on parenting from, that's right, the Mother of the Year. Our favorite and most valuable parenting rules as taught to us by Dina herself:

1) Just Because Your Daughter Has Asthma And Your House Is On Fire Doesn't Mean You Can't Party ‘Til Dawn!: While Dina leaves her two non-Lindsay, barely teenaged kids Ali and Cody alone to attend what must have been a very important event, because, you know, she's...what is she again when she's not out with Lindsay? Oprah's seat-filler or something? Anyway, Dina demonstrates how important it is to just take care of your business even though your two kids are about to die from an outlet fire and one has asthma and can't breathe. And there's no need to worry about keeping your cell phone handy - I mean what could go wrong? Like, as if an outlet is gonna blow up and nearly kill your asthmatic daughter? Oh. Right.

2) Should Someone Lie To Your Child, ‘Rip Them Up And Chew Them Out'!: Dina makes an excellent point when she tells her viewers that anyone who enters her house must tell the truth and nothing but the truth. This rule, of course, does not apply to her family or anything, just any visitors and stuff. And even though she doesn't admit to having any kind of seventh sense when it comes to lie-detecting, she might just rip you up and chew you out 'cuz she feels like it. She's Dina Lohan, in case you didn't know.

3) It's Like, Totally Scary For A Mom When Your Child Is Beautiful, Talented And Funny!: So Lindsay did actually get a mention last night, and it was quasi-sweet, though simultaneously so nauseating we wanted to go find Michael Lohan and rip his wig hair out as though he were Dina's voodoo doll (mental note: Make. That. Happen.) You see, Dina and Lindsay have both just been struggling with the fact that Ali is so goddamn pretty and talented and gorgeous and tall and they simply cannot stop her from being the biggest star the world has ever seen. Well, after Dina Lohan, that is.