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The New York Post's Steve Cuozzo has never been much of a fan of Arrigo and Giuseppe Cipriani's restaurant empire—he once described Giuseppe as "Public Enemy No. 1"—but he stuck up for them this morning, railing against the Liquor Authority for threatening to yank the restaurateurs' precious license. Cuozzo argued that taking away their license would cost 1,000 employees their jobs and leave several iconic venues empty for the foreseeable future. His argument seemed reasonable enough. And apparently it was pretty convincing to the State Liquor Authority, too: They voted today to allow the Ciprianis to hold on to their license in exchange for paying a $500,000 fine. Commissioner Jeanique Green, who cast the group's deciding vote, said she made her decision out of concern for Cipriani employees. Sound familiar? Someone is going to enjoy (or suffer through) a complimentary dinner at the Cipriani venue of his choice in the near future!