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"Many try to exude confidence through arrogance," BlueLithium founder Gurbaksh Chahal — known as "G" in his press kitwrites on his blog. "I consider myself very confident but at the same time grounded enough to never be arrogant." To illustrate G's humility, G then offers this parable from the life of G, who made millions from the $300 million sale of BlueLithium to Yahoo:

When you’re arrogant, you tend to be insecure of your surroundings. Recently, I was at a black tie event and I was introduced to a couple. When the wife of the couple looked at me, she saw an unfamiliar face of youth and basically looked down at me. Later, that evening when she found out who I was – she tried to revive things. Life’s too short to live like that. So, I never struck a chord with her again. I just walked away and smiled. Their loss.