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Angelina Jolie might think her new twins are pretty special now that she's earned a cool $14 million for the photo rights. But there are plenty of New York socialite moms who think their kids are pretty important, too. Will any of these kids turn into the Tinsley Mortimer or Peter Davis of 2025? Take you best guess at who these little youngsters are related to, then click through for the answers.

Top row: Aster Lee Lufkin (daughter of Cynthia and Dan Lufkin), Cyrus Raein (son of Marjorie Gubelmann and Reza Raerin), and Dylan Mnuchin (daughter of Heather and Steve Mnuchin).

Bottom Row: Barron Trump (son of Melania and Donald Trump), Bracie Aston (daughter of Muffie and Sherrell Aston), Sienna Gruss (daughter of Shoshanna and Josh Gruss).