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While the summer time is traditionally even more barren for awards shows than Jennifer Aniston's lonely, lonely womb, we can always count on the MTV Movie Awards to satiate our seasonal cravings for celebrity carpet walking. What this award show lacks in prestige, it usually makes up for in star power. After all, what star with a summer movie to plug would turn down a virtually risk-free opportunity to accept an award for "Best Same-Sex Tongue Kiss" while reminding millions of viewers to remind them of their film's release date? This year's awards, hosted by Mike "The Love Guru Opens June 20th!" Myers, will feature appearances from Adam Sandler (who is receiving the coveted "Best Actor With A Movie Opening Next Week" award), Will Ferrell, Sarah Jessica Parker, Ed Norton, Liv Tyler, Robert Downey Jr., Mark Wahlberg and more. While the show will have a tough time eclipsing the bar that Sarah Silverman set last year (her teardown of famewhore Paris Hilton elicited universal acclaim from everyone but Paris herself), we here at Defamer will be doing our best to puncture the cloak of celebrity using the best tool we have available — a liveblog! Yes, that's right, we'll be coming to you live from the red carpet — we don't have any clue how we got on the list, either — of Universal Studios beginning at or around 3pm PST on Sunday afternoon and going straight on through until whenever the show ends. We hope you'll join us, it ought to be exciting. [MTV Movie Awards]