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It's official: As far as romans-a-clef are concerned, uptown private school brats are the new thinly-veiled famous boss. Following beleaguered-tutor-lit like Andrew Trees' Academy X and Eliot Shrefer's Glamorous Disasters, the latest is Anisha Lakhani's Schooled, a novel based on her experiences as a teacher at Dalton and an expensive private tutor to spoiled kids. But while Lakhani's publisher Hyperion is to be commended for complying with the trend and telling us what we want to hear about young 10021ers—that they're impossibly decadent, fucked-up, and lazy—don't think a commercial novel by a woman can go without the most vital ingredient of all: shoes! You see, Lakhani's narrative alter-ego loses her morals and ghostwrites homework because she has "a pricey shoe habit." Did you hear that, chick-lit fans? You can buy this novel in complete confidence that its heroine loves shoes.