· As anyone who has ever done it will attest, there are few feelings more liberating than quitting one's job. The following video is of an assistant on the Ellen show who found himself teetering on the brink of sanity until he up and quit his job on May 20. He describes the decision on his blog as being "an exciting stupid move to prove to myself that I need to keep moving toward my dreams… Every time I’ve made a major move to pursue my dreams I have lost something (2 girlfriends both 3year relationships) but I’ve gotten a step closer. This time around I don’t know what I have to lose… as I look at it right now I have nothing to lose, and those seem to be pretty good odds. If I never do anything, don’t ever say that I didn’t try." Good luck making your Hollywood dreams come true, Delbert. [Delbert Shoopman]
· Finally, a device for those of you who prefer your exercises in misogyny to sound crisp and lifelike! [Videogum]
· A few months ago, we told about the disastrous first screening for Will Ferrell's Step Brothers. Our operative described it as being "less entertaining than Two And A Half Men." From the looks of this preposterous red-band trailer, that description might end up actually being a compliment. [/Film]
· While we're having a hard time fathoming why on earth Kill Bill billboards are still up in New Zealand, the simple fact of the matter is that this is our third favorite billboard of all-time (behind Angelyne and Vincent Gallo's Brown Bunny blowjob). [Copyranter]