Meet Ella Sherman of Singapore. She paid $19,000 on eBay to be just like Carrie Bradshaw. She was going to get into the Sex And The City movie premier and after-party, stay for five nights in New York in a sexy hotel, shop at Jimmy Choo, hang in an exclusive club and carry on an emotionally unfulfilling affair with Mikhail Baryshnikov. Some money was going to go to charity in her name. But the travel company that sold her the package reneged (surprise!) on the premiere and after-party and wouldn't refund Sherman's money, claiming it had been defrauded by someone else. The Post took pity on this woman's pathetic situation and finagled her a ticket to the premier. But she's still upset!

It seems Sherman won't get to go to a promised event featuring Sex star Kim Cattrall, a party that would likely have figured prominently in the story she's freelancin for some big Asian magazine.

"It was the after-party that was the big thing for me," she told the Post.

Oh please, Ella. You don't need to go to that. You've clearly soaked up the naive, entitled, psuedo-feminist striving at the heart of Sex And The City better than virtually every person at this little "after-party," assuming it ever existed in the first place.


(Photo via Post)