Oh, excellent: Designer Marc Jacobs has taken his love life gloriously downmarket again! He's back with former rentboy and longtime on-again off-again squeeze Jason Preston, according to Page Six, whose tipster spotted the couple "at Pastis Saturday, looking 'very much together, laughing and kissing...'They were overheard saying they'd missed one another during their separation." We were just saying last week that the fellow Jacobs turned up with at the Custome Institute Gala, an "emotionally grounded" Italian advertising executive, wasn't sufficiently scandal-prone for our taste. Let the threesomes and emotional drama resume again! Or perhaps not. Recall that Jacobs recently switched his Facebook status to no longer read "in an open relationship," while Preston switched his to "in a relationship." A sign of the newfound stability to come, perhaps. Either that or Preston phoned the tip into Page Six himself, and Jacobs is sticking with the hunky Italian as common sense would dictate. [Post]