Lindsay Lohan is being sued over that incident in which she left a nightclub wearing someone else's blonde fur coat, a coat she had not been wearing previously, and that the owner did not give her permission to take. This means Lohan is probably going to have answer uncomfortable questions raised by the situation under oath, assuming she doesn't settle first, which she'll quickly do if she's smart. The owner of the coat, a Columbia University student of Russian extraction, received it as a gift from her grandmother and thought it was lost forever, until she saw paparazzi pictures of Lohan wearing it. She raised a stink, and the $12,000 coat was returned through intermediaries, with no explanation forthcoming. At first she asked for $10,000 compensation for the three weeks the coat was gone, but now she's likely to ask for a six-figure sum, as her attorney vowed earlier this month. If Lohan starts negotiating now, she could probably get that down to something in the mid five-figures, and avoid both a costly court battle and further damage to whatever is left of her acting career. That's, what, a couple of night's worth of coke and bottle service? [Post] (Photo: Splash)