One finds the best celebrity blind items in the Home & Garden section of the New York Times. Joyce Wadler, who once helmed the newspaper's tepid Boldface Names gossip column, winkled out a delicious anecdote about one of luxury contractor John Finton's most demanding celebrity clients.

"There was, for instance, the female pop singer who requested an evening meeting during the time Mr. Finton's mother was terminally ill with cancer, about six years ago. It was Mr. Finton's birthday, and his mother had planned a special dinner. Mr. Finton explained this to the singer's father, who acted as her on-site representative. A short time later, Mr. Finton got a call: The singer, he was told, would see him that evening. Mr. Finton complied."

Now, Finton-the "Indiana Jones" of luxury contractors-has plenty of celebrity clients; and he doesn't name Connecticut-living Jennifer Lopez. But the new mother-of-two is the only pop diva listed as one of his clients on his website. If she's not the heartless client to whom Finton was referring, he should have realized that hers was the name that would come up with just a few minutes of web research.