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It's a thorny issue grappled with by the best of us: When you're invited to spend the weekend at someone's palatial Hamptons residence, what kind of gift should you bring in order to create the right impression, not look like a cheap freeloader, and secure that all-important second invitation? Well, agonize no more, because The Sun has gathered together some top tips from both guests and hosts, so you'll know what to come armed with next time—or, you can see if you want to invite certain people based on what they might bring.

Studio Museum director Thelma Golden brings art books: "Monographs, catalogs, I often look for something that I think might provoke some new and different ideas. I love art and I like to share it." (Obviously the fact she gets a discount in the museum store is merely a happy bonus.)

New York City planning commissioner Amanda Burden agrees on books, as your hosts "don't have to serve it." But Gillian Hearst Simonds says she and her husband Christian (above) recently brought a bottle of Cristal for their hosts, her aunt Anne Hearst and Anne's husband, Jay McInerney—presumably following Diane von Furstenberg's dictum: "Always buy something you'd like for yourself." But the best gift of all according to real estate titan Steve Ross of Related? "Know when to leave." Duly noted, Steve.