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In a horribly acrimonious split that threatens to tear high society asunder, Page Six reports that zaftig socialite Marjorie Gubelmann and ubiquitous party presence Daniel Benedict have fallen out over what she alleges is her former GBF's mismanagement of their scented candle, bath products and home fragrance company, Vie Luxe—and she's suing him, both for mismanagement and to stop him from setting up a competing company. "This was the most painful decision she ever had to make," said a friend. "Daniel was like family." How traumatic! But since Vie Luxe's fragrances were inspired by Marjorie and Daniel's favorite destinations—thanks to VL, bathrooms can be drenched in St Moritz, and bedrooms infused with the Maldives!—perhaps Marjorie could pick up the pieces of this tragedy by collaborating in the same vein with some of her other friends? She could team up with Lauren and Andres Santo Domingo and bottle eau de Cartegena, Colombia. Or hook up with Zani Gugelmann to capture the scent of Peru! The possibilities are endless!