Ever wonder why the CEO at your company has a $10,000 telescope parked in the corner of his office? It's not to admire the birds. Or even to peek at the woman in the neighboring office building who changes her blouse at precisely half past five. It's to look in the offices of other CEOs, obviously.

Okay, fine, the telescope was probably a gift from his wife and now serves as a glorified coat rack (and yet another symbol of his vast riches). But if his office happens to be in the vicinity of 59th Street and 5th, there might just be something interesting to look at. Within just a few blocks, you'll find the offices of dozens of New York's most powerful financiers, fashion moguls, lawyers, hedge fund managers, and real estate titans.

Above, we've mapped the offices of various titans against a high-resolution image of the area. (Use the controls at the bottom to move around and zoom in/out.) As for whether Henry Kravis actually tries to peer into Carl Icahn's office a few hundred feet away, well, you'll have to ask him.

For those who would like to print out the map, you can download the image here in PDF format. And if you notice any errors—or have any suggestions about other neighborhoods that we should map out—let us know.