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Harvey Weinstein, who has been the focus of some strange goings on as of late, has appeared blissfully happy (or whatever passes for normal human emotion within the mysterious chambers of the brutish mogul's dark heart) since marrying English fashion designer Georgina Chapman last December. The greatest beauty and the beast couple since Ric Ocasek and Paulina Porizkova, Harvey and George have said that they like to keep their private life private, which may explain why in an interview (not online) with Tatler's editor-at-large Vassi Chamberlain, the reporter's questions are "met with short responses and deft sidestepping." But it's a great testament to Chamberlain's journalistic skills that she manages to get shy Georgina to gush about her husband for nearly a page anyway!

"I absolutely love being married," she says, twiddling the diamond studs in her ears. "I love the whole romantic thing about it. I like being a family—that's really important to me. I like the closeness. I find it very comforting... Harvey's the most impressive man I have ever met in my life. He just is Harvey. And there's no other way of saying it."

Possibly baffled by the Katie Holmes-ish level of enthusiam, the reporter decides to probe a bit further: "What's Harvey like as a husband?" she asks. "Amazing. He's great," Mrs. Weinstein says. Then, just in case you weren't having enough trouble keeping your tears back/lunch down, Georgina plays the trump card: "I'm absolutely desperate for children," she confides. Harvey Weinstein procreating, a lovely image to cheer up this dull Friday. You're welcome!