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Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke's divorce was so bitter that they both vehemently declared they would never marry again. Time heals all wounds, it seems. While Ethan just had a quickie ceremony with Ryan "the nanny" Shawhughes, Uma is enjoying a glitzy high-profile engagement to European financier Arki Busson, Elle Macpherson's ex and baby daddy. Arki and Uma are photographed daily, he's got bundles of money, she's got an eight-carat diamond ring, so there couldn't really be a downside to this for Uma, right? Wrong! At least according to the Daily Mail, which managed to locate a bunch of unnamed (but bitchy and indiscreet) friends. You see, sex-symbol Uma is frankly lucky to have found a man who'll give her a chance. "Men have let her down in a big way," points out "an admirer." "So to find a genuine, charitable guy like Arki who is so obviously crazy about her is a blessing—and she knows it." Yes, especially having spent the previous three years with total nobody Andre Balazs.

What this all means now, of course, is that "Uma is insecure and it's definitely Arki who has the power in their relationship," confides "a close friend." "If he snaps his fingers, she comes running." Well, she'd better! But she'd also do well to nurture her career, and not get old or less famous, as "one of Arki's social set" warns that "Arki would be bored with a nobody on his arm. He's the sort of guy who only dates models or actresses."

We wish you the best of luck, Uma: With your billionaire and wedding in a castle and lavish international lifestyle, it sounds like you'll need it!

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