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  • Charlotte Ronson, you would think, is the girl who has everything. But no! She didn't like any of the luggage on the market, so she had no choice but to design her own limited-edition range. But if you're just hankering for some C-Ronson clothes (as modeled by her half-sister Annabelle, left), there's a sample sale starting tomorrow at ten. [Nylon/Missbehave]
  • Is there something Sapphic in the air at moment? Gossip at the Paris shows last week centered on a romance between two supermodels. One's a "French Vogue favorite," the other has tattoos, as if that narrows it down much. []
  • Would you like some fashion tips from a Jewish academic and an Arab accountant-turned-internationally feted electrofunk duo? Of course you would, and Chromeo is only too happy to oblige. [Brandish]
  • Richard Prince and Marc Jacobs have teamed up on accessories for Louis Vuitton; their Mancrazy purse is inscribed "Every time I meet a girl who can cook like my Mother...She looks like my Father." [Forbes]
  • British designer Matthew Williamson is opening a flagship in the meatpacking district. [UK Vogue]
  • At last, an answer to the age-old problem: Where is a girl to keep her Gameboy? Embedded in the platform of her shoe, naturally. [Fashion Indie via Missbehave]
  • The world's best outlet stores according to Forbes include Marni outside Milan, Prada outside Florence, and of course Woodbury Commons. [Forbes]