The Wall Street Journal has a cartoon called "Pepper... And Salt" which — and I did not know this after 12 years of reading the Journal — has been "edited since 1950 by Charles Preston... [and] is culled from hundreds of submissions each week." Anyway, the 'toon was once in the paper's Arts & Leisure section, and it must have been too controversial (ahem) because it was moved to the editorial page in April 2007. But now Rupert Murdoch is pretty much personally editing the whole Journal, and "Pepper... And Salt" is moving back to Arts & Leisure. Why? Possibly so the right-leaning media mogul can unleash a horrifying "Murdochian brand of editorial cartoon!" Reports the Times :

"Murdoch's papers are known for their great editorial cartooning," said Rex Babin, the editorial cartoonist for The Sacramento Bee. Mr. Babin noted that Pepper's targets - the foibles of offices and other institutional oddities of American life - were not distinctly editorial in nature, and The Journal page might benefit from an actual conservative editorial cartoonist, as opposed to a feature cartoon whose spiritual sibling is The New Yorker.

Ah, yes, the brilliant editorial cartoons of the Murdoch papers. Like that Sean Delonas over at the Post.