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  • Is the decision to keep Florent open (albeit under a different name) a sign the meatpacking retail market has peaked? Or is landlord Joanne Lucas just insane? [NYO]
  • The grand opening this morning of Florent's replacement, R&L, wasn't that grand. [Eater]
  • Loose lips sink ships: New York's Gael Greene overheard mega-restaurateur Jeffrey Chodorow discussing plans to redesign Ono at a party celebrating the merger of food publicists Karine Bakhoum and Steven Hall's companies. [Insatiable Critic]
  • Need restaurant reservations in the Hamptons for this weekend. The Daily News has a roundup of old standbys, like Nick & Toni's and Della Femina. [NYDN]
  • West Village gastropub Brass Monkey has added a second floor and a rooftop bar. [UD]