Penguin Group paid $350,000 for a book about former Gov. Eliot Spitzer's rise and comeuppance (ahem), to be written by Fortune's Peter Elkind, according to a report in the Observer. But better still, there's going to be a movie! In case, you know, visualizations of Spitzer having sex weren't horrifying enough when confined your imagination. Writes the Observer, "Filmmaker Alex Gibney... is working on a Spitzer documentary, the release of which will be timed to the publication of the book." A documentary? Meh. Spitzer's life calls out — screams out, really, in ecstasy — for filthy fictionalization. And of course Larry Flint and Hustler are already on the case with Gov Love: The Elliott Splitz-Her Story, the safe-for-work trailer for which is after the jump.