You may remember Chris, the Williamsburg gentleman with the controversial haircut pictured at left, who was just this past February spotted in the wild by our own intrepid Hamilton Nolan. And you may also be a woman aged 21-35, within 10 miles of Brooklyn, and optionally an assertive, sarcastic "braniac" with piercings. If so, perhaps Chris, aka LowRezChris on, could show you why they say he puts the "party" in the phrase "party in the back?!"

First off, if you don't like the hair, you should probably move on, because Chris is embracing it. Here he is on "Mullet Row:"

Here's a slightly more romantic shot of the mullet after dark:

Chris, a "full time composer" with an "artsy circle of freakish friends" is not afraid to be a little avant guard with his profile photography:

The profile basics:

In addition to being a composer and cellist...

  • "I love, LOVE food and alchohol."
  • Chris's apartment is indeed in Williamsburg.
  • "My home town is 'The OC,' and my second home is Rio di Janiero."
  • "I watch Lost."
  • "My favorite colors are pink and black."
  • "I compose for modern dance mostly"
  • "I've had lots of haircuts and colors."

If you are hungry for more, green-eyed females who drink regularly, you can check the whole profile at the link below. I really only care about the hair.