A student from Brown University wrote in to "Mr. Gawker," hoping we could convey an apology on his behalf to a Mr. Thomas Friedman, the author and Times columnist whose mustache narrowly escaped sullying in a campus pie-throwing ambush earlier this week. While the student in question did not participate in the pie-flinging or distribution of related leaflets, he is embarrassed, and notes that "actions like these make us seem just plain stupid." Seriously: If you're going to pull a stunt like that, at least practice, so your pie doesn't miss its target. But why couldn't the student just send an email to Thomas Friedman? In a flat world Changed Forever By The Internet, shouldn't a college kid be able to transmit a letter to a newspaper columnist? Apparently not, so we've honored his request and printed his email after the jump.

Dear Mr. Gawker,

My name is Rickie Kostiner and I am a sophomore at Brown University. I am writing to apologize for the deliquiencies of my classmates this past Tuesday evening, when two students decided it was a good idea to throw pies at Thomas Friedman. Not only a respected journalist for your New York Times, Friedman is one of the most respected and famous authors to date, and I want to personally apologize for these students actions. I am embarrassed to even say that I am a student of Brown because of incidents like this. Brown has the reputation of being an overly liberal school, but actions like these make us seem just plain stupid. Obviously only thinking of themselves, these two students made a complete moquary of the entire student body, and really showed how selfish some people can be. I want to stress again how terribly sorry I am for my institution to carry this under their name. I have attempted to find other ways to reach Thomas Friedman directly, but I could not find a more direct way then writing to the newspaper in which he has been affiliated with. I saw your blog online and I just wanted to send my comments. Thank you and again I am so very sorry.

-Rickie Kostiner

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