The Post today found a second Eliot Spitzer hooker. No, not Kristin Davis, she was the last second Eliot Spitzer hooker, supposedly, who maybe the Post would like us to forget about? Anyway, this new hooker is unnamed, and this time she's outed by "law enforcement sources," and her story will make your involuntary visualizations of Spitzer's sex sessions (no? just me?) even more uncomfortable:

The second hooker-informant also told investigators Spitzer was fond of using sex toys to enhance his own pleasure, the sources said.

"The full portrait of Mr. Spitzer's sexual interests has yet to be told," one source said.

...[The second hooker] expanded on the portrait of Spitzer's sexual fetishes in graphic detail, the sources said, also divulging that he had a penchant for props.

"Using sex toys to enhance his own pleasure," "props" — this basically means butt plugs, or something along those lines, right? This is a very important question, please speculate wildly in the comments.

Also, apparently GOP dirty trickster Roger Stone was totally right about another Spitzer kink, this one EVEN MORE OUTLANDISH:

Sources said the second hooker also noted that Spitzer liked to keep his socks on during sex - a claim previously made by Republican political operative Roger Stone.

Next up from the tabs, a step by step guide to what Spitzer was into during foreplay and other angles to this story that make everyone uncomfortable.

Also, between the above front-page headline and the inside headline — "'TWO ON ONE' VS. SPITZER" — it doesn't seem like the Post really brought its hooker-scandal A-game to this one. There are sex toys involved, after all.