This is sad: Tony Snow, the former White House spokesman and newly-hired CNN talking head, was taken to the hospital this morning and canceled a speech at Eastern Washington University as well as an appearance on CNN. Snow has been battling cancer since a 2005 and left his White House job in 2007, saying he needed to earn more money. His cancer, he said, was not behind his departure, and in fact was in remission. Just this Monday, Snow said on a radio show that "the stuff I have right now is not all that rough" and that a recent CAT scan showed his tumors weren't growing. Snow is maintaining an optimistic outlook, and trying to live a normal life. But, for the moment at least, he can't. Whatever one thinks of Snow's work on behalf of the Bush administration, he is a human being, with a very human desire to keep working, earn some money for his family and focus on the life still before him, rather than spend time contemplating some of the darker questions somewhere down the road. [KXLY, TVNewser]