Marc Jacobs' pole-vault-loving companion Austin A has issued a very unnecessary clarification: He and fashion designer Jacobs are not an exclusive couple. "I wouldn't say we're dating," Austin told, where by dating he meant only screwing each other. Yes, I think the description "boy toy" sort of implies a less-than-exclsive relationship, especially where libertine Jacobs is concerned. But you should root for Austin A because he's the boy toy with a heart of gold:

I recently had a very candid conversation with Austin A, the guy being tagged as Marc Jacob's new "boy toy." Much to my surprise, I discovered what seems to be an everyday gay just looking for fun and life-long happiness...

Austin says the media has really blown the whole thing out of proportion.

Marc, of course, is abroad working with Louis Vuitton; and Austin is currently in L.A. Austin says he spoke with Jacobs a few days ago but admits that they haven't been together since the infamous Los Angeles trip.

"The timing of that trip," Austin says, "was horrible." He says he and Marc met each other in New York but weren't ever spotted in public together. It wasn't until they went to L.A. that their relationship went public.