Brigitte Bardot is not only still alive, she's apparently racist! Repeatedly and aggressively racist, actually. "I am a little tired of prosecuting Mrs Bardot," said a French prosecutor upon commencing the fifth case against the former film star for "inciting racial hatred." Here is what the 73-year-old animal rights activist said this time around:

"I am fed up with being under the thumb of this population which is destroying us, destroying our country and imposing its acts," the star of 'And God created woman' and 'Contempt' said.

Bardot has previously said France is being invaded by sheep-slaughtering Muslims and published a book attacking gays, immigrants and the unemployed, in which she also lamented the "Islamisation of France".

Thank God she demanded her singing not be used in my favorite Serge Gainsbourg song back in the 60s, because otherwise I'd have to now burn my iPod or something.