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  • The increasingly Soup Nazi-esque David Chang is banning diners at Momofuku Ko from taking photos. Otherwise? No foie gras torchon over lychee and pine nuts for you! [Grub Street]
  • If the James Beard Awards had an award for Most Unfortunately Named Dish, it would have to go to this number at JGV's new Matsugen: Sea Urchin Bukkake. [Eater]
  • The new San Domenico, SD26, is going to try to look really hip. [Eater]
  • Waverly Inn's John DeLucie speaks with the Times' Frank Bruni about being the chef at a restaurant where nobody shows up for the food. [Diner's Journal]
  • Restaurants menus are going touch-screen! Now health inspectors can keep tabs on the greasy LCD monitors, in addition to everything else. [Wired]