Many and many straight, married gals get all hot and woozy when they watch sinewy lesbian Jackie Warner flex that sweaty six-pack on Bravo's reality show Work Out. "Andy Cohen, senior vice president of programming and production for Bravo, said: 'Straight women across the country are not only obsessed with the show, they are obsessed with Jackie.' Obsessed? 'I cannot tell you how many of the e-mails that we got from last year's ‘Work Out' reunion that were women saying, ‘I am married. I have never looked at another woman. I have a huge crush on Jackie,' Mr. Cohen said." But Jackie's all, meh.

"'They get crushes,' she said in her office at Sky Sport & Spa, her penthouse gym in Beverly Hills with sweeping views of the city and the Hollywood sign. 'I have hard-core women that get major crushes. I have women that send me-this is the weird thing-I have women that send me photos of themselves with their husbands and three teenage boys or whatever-I'm just giving you an example-with a love letter attached.'"

But when you can't actually find any wedded women who'll admit for the record that they'd like to have... you know... actual lesbian sex times with Jackie, just hit the Net!

"Those who can't afford the $400 an hour fee have joined social networking groups such as 'If Jackie from ‘Workout' hit on me, I'd definitely reconsider my sexuality.' As a woman with the moniker LibbytheCute put it in the interactive magazine 'I'm straight. Very straight, and even I would seriously consider batting for her team.'" [NYT]