So, once again I eagerly tuned in for another final season episode of the Sci Fi Channel's super-grim and purely awesome Battlestar Galactica. But, once again, I was drunk. Drunk like one of those howler monkeys that live near resorts and steal people's drinks. Still, I did my best to take notes. They are here. (Possible spoilers-but I really don't know.)

  • Old Eyepatchy: "Talk all you want but it ends with the first bang." Huh? What ends?
  • President Lady MacCancer totally screwed blonde tomboy space girl! But the temple! The arrow! She trusted you! You're going the wrong way!
  • Wha? Quantum Leap is on this shit? And he's a Cyclon boss? How long has this been going on?
  • Haha! Blonde tomboy space girl just called Miami Vice the president's wet nurse!
  • Damn! Miami Vice just punched blonde tomboy space girl in the mouth! You suck!
  • Now Boring Face is the president!?!?
  • Ooo... The Departed is on HBO! Bostons talking stupid and killing each other. I'm outta here!