Socialite/playwright Trisha Walsh-Smith is the soon-to-be ex-wife of Philip Smith, president of the Schubert Organization-which means he's super rich because Schubert owns all those theaters and produces all those fabulous Broadway plays. But the silly blonde went ahead and signed a pre-nup with the old man, who's 25 years her senior, and now she's all in a fuss. In some kind of whacky bid for leverage, Walsh-Smith is hitting YouTube to air her fears that the old man and his daughters are out to destroy her-trying to kick her out of her swank Miami pad, stealing her $500k annual pension in the event of Smith's demise, and leaving her with all sorts of dirty sex paraphernalia that Smith certainly never used on her.

In the video, she reveals that Smith blamed his high blood pressure when he stopped having creaky senior sex with her long ago. But she found a whole stash of condoms, viagra, and porn that he left in their place. What to do with them? The jilted Walsh-Smith calls his assistant and asks. [Vanity Fair]