For a spoof, this video of the Australian media mogul in full tantrum is incredibly slick. Rupert Murdoch, enraged by a tabloid parody of his Wall Street Journal, demands News Corporation executives have every copy burnt. In the best line, the News Corp boss thinks to bring in Roger Ailes, his lieutentant at Fox News. "We need to get Roger on this. He's a sadistic shit. He'll take care of it." But here's the mystery: who would go to the trouble of creating a video that will go viral in the media towers of Sixth Avenue, and no further?

Incidentally, the Murdoch imports at the Wall Street Journal continue to tread on the newspaper's delicate sensibilities. You'll remember Marcus Brauchli, the Journal's managing editor, had a speech ready to welcome his new overlords, but they never called on him. That was just the first humiliation.

The latest: Tina Gaudoin, who came in with the Journal's new publisher from Murdoch's Times of London, has talked of her plans for the business newspaper's new weekend magazine. The luxury title will cover modern wealth with wit and irreverence—which, says the Murdoch import, "may come as a shock to some of the people at the Journal.” Such diplomacy.