Husband-of-Touby Jon Fine, who writes for Business Week when he's not being lassoed by his millionairess wife's trademark boa, sneaked a look at Rupert Murdoch's speed dial. The Australian media mogul's old cellphone is on display at the Newseum, that mausoleum of 20th-century media bric-a-brac, which Fine checked out this week. Murdoch's key phone numbers include those of his children, various executives at News Corporation-and, slightly less predictably, a Tunisian movie producer called Tarak Ben Ammar.

To be sure, Ben Ammar also represents Saudi Prince Alwaleed's Kingdom Holding Company, one of News Corporation's biggest investors. But he was also a confidante of Silvio Berlusconi and channeled payments from the Italian media mogul to Italian politicians, before Berlusconi himself became prime minister. Funny that Murdoch's Fox News, so quick to decry European corruption and Arab money, has said so little about the connection.