In our hearts, we're all kind of low-grade Anderson Cooper stalkers, but the the top prize may go to a woman who showed up to Cooper's New York apartment Friday with six pieces of luggage, ready to move in. The CNN anchor was having his place renovated at the time, so maybe the stalker thought the construction crews would just let her through, but instead they called Anderson who, naturally, found it "kind of creepy." Cooper explains everything to Regis And Kelly after the jump, and we provide some computer wallpaper of America's secret pretend boyfriend to keep your obsession on a low simmer.

Video via Anderson Cooper Effects:

Wallpaper via Anderson Cooper Effects, which today wrote:

When in doubt, make collages of Anderson. When there is no news about Anderson, make collages. When idle, make collages of Anderson... When I am in all three instances, I make collages of Anderson. Enjoy!

See? That's how you have a healthy Anderson Cooper obsession.