First Liz Smith and some other "Greatest Generation"-aged women launched Wowowow. Then former Gawker Doree Shafrir started Post Cards From Yo Momma. Now this: "I am e-mailing you because u are the first blog. The very first one. You set the trend. But web 2.0 has changed everything. Mom Blogs are a growing voice and they are 'oh my god' sunny. really sunny. Just read them. They don't talk about Omarosa sightings, they don't give us the 411 on Star Jones leaving the view. But they are growing." The rest of the email after the jump.

(sic throughout, obvs).

I beg you to link to my blog as I try to understand the future of blogging.

How Ann Coulter, Liz Smith and Mommy Bloggers can co-exist.

And my question is, will is still be... Gawker?

Will you give me feedback on my blog? maybe mention these topics in a post?

Do you have any advice for cool web moms like the ones below?

Im dying to here and will tell every mom I know.