Michael's, the midtown "institution" for media types, continues to be accused of abusing waiters. Echoing a server's scathing review last year, two posts on an industry message board said the restaurant's "douchey" general manager likes to yell, cut shifts at the last minute and, best of all, put waiters in "time warp" clothes that make them look like "a complete tool." Also, media people are apparently hell to wait on (go figure). Writer Michael Wolff, who famously boycotted the restaurant after being refused a table, would surely be tickled by the slams. Some of the better dirt:

Love to constantly be criticized, yelled at and/or grilled?

Want to work for a douchey GM with an undeserved sense of

entitlement, who wears a Prince Valiant haircut accessorized with

a treble-clef earring (s**t you not) and takes out his inner

rage over not realizing his own dreams on his waiters by

constantly yelling/cursing at them and generally treating them

like senseless half-wits? Here at Michael's, we can promise

you 7 solid shifts a week and then give you 2.

Armed with a

20 table section a shift...you can haphazardly sharpen your

skills by waiting on some of the most high-maintenance clientele

in NYC
!!! We ask that you call in everyday before your shift

so we can tell you whether you're working or not...

Plus, you get to do all of this

while looking like a complete tool in your time-warp pink Polo

shirt, diagonal-striped tie and white apron
!! Tre-chic! Only

true gluttons for punishment need apply...

From a reply post:

No shit! I trained at this fucking hellhole two years ago and

the memory is still very sharp indeed...

All of the employees seemed overworked

and bitter. And a majority of the clientele thinks that their

shit does not stink and that ther are infallible.

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