Suspicious: During a pro-Hillary speech by Bill Clinton at Indiana University, the Barack Obama campaign started giving away concert tickets to Dave Matthews Band. The giveaway was the first opportunity to grab the tickets, and a line formed, partly made up of people who left the Clinton event, according to the Indianapolis Star. One student waited for more than three hours.

He said the ticket giveaway was announced as Clinton was preparing to speak, though tickets were also scheduled to be given away the next day at other locations. The effect: college students lured away by a rock star from one of the few civic events they would have have otherwise attended. The Star reported that "it sure look like Obama's representative [Dave Matthews] whipped up the most excitement." Then there was this cringe-worthy quote from an Obama supporter:

"I was leaning toward Obama, but this sealed the deal for sure," [Jason Schechtman, 19, Deerfield, Ill., a student at IU] said. "The Obama campaign announced this right as (Bill Clinton) was about to speak, and it brought everyone from over there to over here."