Just before falsely accusing people of conspiring to murder a rapper, the Los Angeles Times burned a close colleague of internet publisher Matt Drudge in another, less egregious instance of slipshod journalism. In February, the paper ran a story about private-school-to-the-stars Crossroads, and allowed the schoolmaster to say a book co-authored by Andrew Breitbart, Drudge's West Coast partner-in-blogging, was partly fabricated. The paper never bothered to get reaction from Breitbart or his co-author. Woops. Finally published earlier this month, this is not the sort of correction you want to have to run about a blogger with massive amounts of traffic at his command and who you're probably seeking links from on a regular basis:

Crossroads School: A Feb. 19 story about Crossroads School head Roger Weaver stepping down included a comment from Weaver that the book "Hollywood, Interrupted: Insanity Chic in Babylon - The Case Against Celebrity" - which includes allegations of student sex- and drug-fueled scandals at Crossroads - was filled with fabrications. The article should have included comment as well from Mark C. Ebner, one of the book's authors, who denies that the book contains fabrications. The Times regrets the error.

[Regret the Error]