Supermarket baron, secret Radar owner, extortion claimer, and broheim supreme of Bill Clinton, Ron Burkle, is getting slammed by his former mistress on a video posted to Youtube Friday. "Antiques dealer" with a shady past Chevyn McClintock-last seen claiming that Burkle can't screw-greets viewers from, she says, "The very same beach and spot where several Clinton fundraisers were held." She then goes on to say that she's gone ahead and called the Feds on Burkle and Bubba. Then she talks about hookers in a way that could get a person disappeared real quick.

"I decided to go forward and talk to the IRS about Ron Burkle and all the Machiavellian connections and all the monies and cash exchanged between Ron Burkle and his big buddy Bill Clinton," she says. Burkle, who likes to fly around on private jets and flirt icky-old-man-style with much younger women has been such a headache for Clinton while his wife is trying to run for President that he had to pretend to cut all ties with the man.

Next, McClintock touches on the subject of Eliot Spitzer and prostitutes, which reminds her of something about Burkle and Clinton. Something you can watch here.