Sure, the first person you think of is Dane Cook. With his blend of vagina jokes, date-rapey fans, and factory-distressed jeans, guy's a total douche cocktail. But what about Carlos Mencia? How can a man tell a retard joke that doesn't make me laugh? To celebrate March Madness, radio jocks "Toucher & Rich" on Boston's WBCN are whittling down a list of 16 lames to see who will emerge as "The Unfunniest Comic."

Here are the current standings. Is Robin Williams really less entertaining than Jeff Foxworthy? And what the hell's Paula Poundstone doing in there? Is she still even working? (Oh, here's a bigger version.) I've never listened to "Toucher and Rich," but I thought this chart was awesome. So screw those dudes-what do you think?

In related news, Cook's old comedy pals seem to be turning on him. I heard about this contest on "Opie and Anthony" yesterday, where actually funny comedian Mike Birbiglia plugged an upcoming gig by saying, "I am the Dane Cook of comedy." Ha!