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Donna Karan is coming out with a line of astrology-themed handbags, an event that's giving her sizeable kooky Kabbalah-ish side free rein. "You think it's an accident that you're here today?" she asks a Telegraph journalist who's arrived at her apartment to interview her. "Unh-unh, you're here for a reason. There's a destiny behind this, a soul connection. We're here to learn from each other, you and me." Isn't it uncanny how the people who think that "everything happens for a reason" and "there are no accidents" are invariably massively wealthy and fortunate? Anyway, more gems of spiritual wisdom from Donna after the jump!

"...we are not the masters. It is all mapped out. If you ask me, "How come bags?" I say, "I don't know. Why did he decide that now is the time for bags?" ["He," in between organizing wars and tsunamis, clearly realized that what the world desperately needed was more $3000 purses!)

"It's not about me, me, me. I'm here to show people that we are all one." [Hear that, people, we're all one. Thanks for clearing that up, Donna.]

"When you have a bag that you love and that functions for you, it becomes part of you,' she says, 'like your best friend." [That is, a best friend that costs a month's salary and goes out of style each season.]

"So, watch out what you dream, because dreams come true." [Unless, you know, they don't.]