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When you're seconds away from offing yourself, you probably wouldn't think of calling in to the "Opie and Anthony Show" as your last earthly act. Maybe you should? Yesterday the show's beyond boorish hosts, Anthony Cumia and Gregg Hughes, took a timeout from cracking fart jokes to dissuade a distraught caller from shooting himself. A man identifying himself as Tom, who'd previously called in to say that he planned to kill himself because of his debilitating lung condition—which everyone took as a joke at the time—called back to say he was ready to go through with it. On air. Now. "Had a great run, my time is now, have fun," he said, reading aloud from his suicide note. And you thought it was radio that was dying.

Opie and Anthony managed to talk Tom down. They got him to give them his telephone number and then sent police to his house, although there was slightly unsettling moment when Tom's gun went off while he was unloading it. Now the only question is whether any of this actually happened or was part of some sort of publicity stunt. It couldn't have been far from O&A's minds that Howard Stern played the role of hero for months after doing precisely the same thing in 1994.

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