Comedian Chris Rock features prominently in a recording being used against Hollywood private detective Anthony Pellicano in his trial for wiretapping and racketeering and posted at midnight by the Huffington Post. In it, Rock and Pellicano discuss allegations from a woman Rock once slept with while separated from his wife, who accused him of fathering her child (proven false) and raping her (charges never pressed, hew own lawsuit later dropped). The audio sheds light on the tactics Pellicano used on behalf of showbiz clients like Rock, and includes Pellicano saying things to Rock like, " I want to make [the rape accuser] out to being a lying, scumbag, manipulating, cocksucker, so that all that could ever come back to her is that." The Post is already on the story. A summary of the dialog between Pellicano and Rock, including audio highlights, after the jump.

In the recording, Pellicano brags about having obtained a police report he should not posses — one of the tactics at the center of the trial.

He reads the report's description of the alleged rape to Rock, who alters his prior description of exactly how he consummated the encounter: "I had a rubber on. I probably took it off right when I was getting ready to come. I probably came on her ass." This section is lengthy, if you're interested go to the original on HuffPo and start around 13:30..

Pellicano advises Rock, "You have to change your story now, that you came on her leg." Then he calls the comedian "honey," as he does repeatedly throughout the recording.

Then things start to get a little sketchy. Rock said he gave the woman money, even though he did nothing wrong. Pellicano said he should not have done so, but "we're going to take care of her one way or another, down the pike. The world turns, if you understand what I mean."

Finally, the conversation gets nasty.

Pellicano: I will just blacken this girl up for you left and right... it's going to get done.

Rock: Rape it's, just, fucking buzz... once you get accused of rape you are just fucked.

Pellicano: That's why I wanted to black this girl up totally. I want to make her out to being a lying scumbag, manipulating, cocksucker, so that all that could ever come back to her is that.

Someone (HuffPo says Pellicano): Stupid bitch.

Rock: I'm fucked. I'm better getting caught with fucking needles in my arm. I really am. WAY better. Needles, with pictures, there's Chris Rock shooting heroin. Much better blow to the career.

In the full audio recording, Pellicano is even more unlikable, screaming and cursing like a lunatic at his secretary, absurdly lecturing Rock about his film career, constantly reminding the comedian what a favor he's doing him and constantly calling Rock him "babe" and "honey." For most of the call, Rock sounds annoyed and aloof, if shifty about his story. But however annoyed he might sound, he is the one who hired this guy.

Full audio on Huffington Post: Chris Rock And Anthony Pellicano's Secret Phone Call: The Tryst, The Tissue Of DNA And All The Details