In covering Gov. Eliot Spitzer's love for quality prostitutes, the New York tabloids all went with Spitzer's "look of contrition" as their cover art, but none seems to have quite nailed the headline. Sure, the Post's "Ho No!" is punchy and clever and probably the best of the bunch, as you'd expect. The Daily News' "Pay For Luv Gov" is slightly more literate but lacks the all-important slammer. Newsday's headline... well it has an ampersand, which is nice. But when the governor admits to diddling high-class hookers is this really the best the city's scandal sheets can do? Here are our suggestions, follow with your own:

  • Spitza's Otha Shiksas!
  • Scarlet Harlot
  • Tricks For Spitz
  • Escorted From Office?
  • Guv's Bank Skank Spank
  • No Pass On High Class Ass
  • Governor? I Barely Ho Her!