Gawker publisher Nick Denton has his own very funny online imitator, Nick Guido Denton, aka Fake Nick Denton, who real Denton said in this comment no one should "out." But Gawker also has a video magician named Richard Blakeley, who sits awake, late at night, making charts and probably drinking too much coffee, trying to figure out who the hell Nick Guido Denton is, and going slowly insane. He has developed a number of theories and possible candidates, and once told me "I am like Kevin Costner in JFK." Blakeley apparently couldn't bear to keep the truth from the American people any longer and has finally floated his own very detailed theory about who is pretending to be Nick Denton, which is presented here in distilled format, along with a brief video of Blakeley trying to explain it:

  • Blakeley was getting blamed for being Fake Nick, which really sucked because Fake Nick said some things about a girl Blakeley isn't writing about anymore.
  • Blakeley made it his mission to uncover the truth like brave Kevin Costner in JFK, or really more like twitchy Joe Pesci, who is both involved with and outside the conspiracy at the same time.
  • He spent weeks researching Fake Nick, and admits it.
  • He says it is Alex Balk!
  • Former Gawker blogger Alex Balk was sad about not being able to write about his cock, supposedly.
  • Balk blogged about how "someone should start up a Famous Original Fake Nick Denton tumblr" ONE DAY before the Nick Guido Denton blog was born.
  • Then OMG BALK CHANGED THE TIMESTAMP ON HIS POST about how someone should start a Fake Nick Denton blog!! To cover his tracks??!
  • We know Balk to have been "insidery" when at Gawker.
  • Alex Balk goes to a Radar party, all of a sudden Fake Nick is blogging about that party. Coincidence??
  • A guy who emailed some people about the Fake Nick blog has the same name as a former football coach at Tulane WHERE ALEX BALK WAS A STUDENT. Not at the same time or anything, but STILL.
  • Balk blogs about Millard Fillmore, Fake Nick blogs about Millard Fillmore. "What are the odds?"
  • "We have motive, a loss of writing as his cock."
  • "The need to cut loose like he did at Gawker, which he is no longer allowed at Radar."
  • "We have evidence of the backdating of posts, emails and eyewitness accounts that put Alex Balk at the scene of the crime."
  • "Alex Balk is Fake Nick Denton."

The real question is "Why?" isn't it? The "how" is just scenery for the suckers. It keeps people guessing like a parlor game, but it prevents them from asking the most important question - Why? Why imitate Denton? Who benefitted? Who has the power to cover it up?

Richard Blakeley: Fake Nick Denton Is Alex Balk Of Radar Magazine