TV journalists have been squabbling on camera and hilariously for years, and CNN reporter Candy Crowley reminds us that the practice continues to this day. Though she doesn't actually trade words with fellow CNN correspondent Chris Welch, she follows his report by telling the camera, "Don't you believe a word of that," followed by a brief description (slightly truncated in the clip) of how fun it is to be a political reporter. What sorts of lies was Welch spreading? He was showing reporters bitching on the presidential campaign trail about having to wait in line for hotel room keys, about not getting frequent guest points in hotels, about the lack of power outlets, about the food — about everything, really. In other words, the journalists are whiny and self-absorbed. Crowley spots this for the obvious slander that it is:

(Original clip slightly truncated at the end)

[via Crooks and Liars]