What if you defended your honor, and your girlfriend's, and she went off anyway with another guy? Harsh. For the first time ever, I feel a little bad for Hud Morgan of Men's Vogue. Last week, the fruitini-drinking former gossip columnist called out one of his friends for joking about his relationship with a barely legal actress, Leven Rambin of daytime soap All My Children. She wasn't worth it, Hud. First, the Men's Vogue writer was slapped in the face by Spencer Morgan of the New York Observer, the mocking friend, in one of the most public places imaginable, the hottest downtown nightspot, the Beatrice Inn. Now Page Six reports the fickle Rambin, who previously had an affair with Julia Allison's geeky boyfriend, has already moved on. At a party on Saturday night at the Spotted Pig, the "possessed" 17-year-old was spotted making out with hat-wearing music producer, Mark Ronson.